Our Work Process

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Our Work Process

We are a woodcraft design studio located in Costa Rica. Here we design and sell functional yet beautifully crafted wooden kitchenware, houseware and other crafts. We support the beauty behind this old trade by partnering with a community of local artisans that thoughtfully construct all our products. They are handmade with responsibly harvested wood, and because reforestation is the core of our business, a portion of the profit of every product we sell goes toward planting new trees.

To wrap it up, that’s CRWOODCRAFT… A group of friends, thoughtfully designing woodcraft products for a better world.

All of our products are hand-crafted original designs, making each piece unique. Due to this uniqueness, there may be slight variations in wood grain and in the exact cut and shape, from piece to piece.

crwoodcraft work process
crwoodcraft work process


Our version of the Costa Rica's Traditional Coffee Dripper



    December 17, 2019