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Honey bees & coffee trees”

Why did we design this product?

The story behind this design starts on a wintery afternoon in New York. Walking around the city with my girlfriend, we came upon a woodcraft stand at a fair in Bryant Park. What particularly caught our attention were some fine, handmade honey dippers. Thinking about bees and the cold—and also in desperate need for and a cup of coffee—we continued our walk. Soon after, we sat down at a coffee shop, and it was then that I remembered a story I had read about how bees love coffee too. “How happy must bees be in Costa Rica!” I said.
And then she went on to explain that indeed they were because it is known that honey is always produced near coffee plantation areas; proving that both bees and Costa Ricans are by trade a bit addicted to caffeine.

Little did I know, but indeed science has proved that bees crave a great coffee buzz from coffee flowers. That’s right! When bees find good nectar they dance shaking their bellies, telling their friends they found a caffeinated treasure! Consequently, waggle dance happens a lot near our Costa Rican coffee plantations. So yes, bees—like most ticos—are a bit addicted to caffeine & probably rank way up in the happy world index as well.

Honey bees & coffee trees inspired us to design our Honeypot.

Take part in our sweet Costa Rican delight and join in the happiness. Bee happy—tico style!


Our version of the Costa Rica's Traditional Coffee Dripper


Historia detrás del diseño del chorreador profesional