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Our Story

This business adventure began with an idea and a cup of coffee on a wintery afternoon in New York. Walking around the city with my girlfriend, we came upon a woodcraft stand at a fair in Bryant Park. What particularly caught our attention were some fine, handmade honey dippers. Thinking about bees and the cold—and also in desperate need for and a cup of coffee—we continued our walk. Soon after, we sat down at a coffee shop, and it was then that I remembered a story I had read about how bees love coffee too. “How happy must bees be in Costa Rica!” I said.


And then she went on to explain that indeed they were, because it is known that honey is always produced near coffee plantation areas; proving that both bees and Costa Ricans are by trade a bit addicted to caffeine 😉


Back in my tropical homeland, eager to start my own business, I remembered the wooden crafts and thought it would be good to explore that as a possibility. I realized that in order to do so I needed a creative mind to help me… and, well, I definitely knew the right person: My dear friend David, who happens to be both a philosopher and a wood craftsman!!! It was a rare but perfect combination. All we needed was some coffee to sit and battle ideas of products and make them come true.


One rainy afternoon, David and I met to try and make sense of my crazy plan. Over a cup of coffee, I explained how the idea of the business came about, but got distracted again and ended up telling him the story of the bees and the coffee… It was then that it hit me! Why not just go along with this recurring thought? And that is how it happened.


First, we started by designing our own honey dipper. David did it right then and there with just a pen and paper. As I saw him drawing my mind started spinning!!!! We started talking about how we could create other wooden crafts, how we could redesign others etc.: Why stop here? We could make several more products and have a whole line of wooden artifacts! So, we arranged another meeting.


Our second product was born in that second gathering, this time with my brother present. We unanimously decided our second product was going to be a traditional coffee maker. There was more paper, more drawings, more coffee, many laughs and… At the end of that second day, we shook hands, and CR Woodcraft was officially born.


Thankfully our team is not just a group of business partners, but longtime friends with similar passions and inspirations. We want our business to help make the world a better, more compassionate place. Therefore, from day one we agreed that we would use a percentage of our earnings to support environment conservation and reforestation; and also that we would help local artisans by partnering with them for the production of our designs.


To wrap it up, that’s our story… A group of friends, thoughtfully designing woodcraft products over a cup of coffee… Just like we did that day…

Illustration by: David Sanchez





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