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Our Coffee Dripper

“Un Café Chorreado”

Why did we design this product?

We wanted to design a tangible representation of Costa Rica’s tradition and lifestyle, an expression of our way of living a “simple and beautiful” life.
It is our firm belief that by understanding and enjoying our traditions, we can value our lifestyle, and this way, make the past part of our future.
This coffee brewer is our way of honoring a traditional technology that represents the ways of living passed on from generation to generation.
One of the most treasured traditions we have in Costa Rica, is drinking a traditionally brewed cup of coffee—un café chorreado.
Brewing a coffee in a chorreador is more than just brewing coffee—it’s a simple, honest way to make you feel welcome.

But we’re not done…..
We purposely designed this product to be packed unassembled because we want to give you the joy of putting together the pieces made by the hands of artisans and finish the work that comes from the woods of our land.

Share with your loved ones this tradition. The tradition of “making people feel welcome.”

Illustration by: Maria Leon



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